December 2023: Another tragic month for trespassing incidents

There’s no question Canadian winters can be harsh—especially if you need to walk where you’re going. Even when you bundle up, it can be downright chilly. So, it’s not surprising that some Canadians might look for a way to get where they’re going as quickly as possible. But Operation Lifesaver wants to remind people that using railway tracks as a shortcut isn’t the solution.
Although cutting across tracks to get somewhere quickly may seem harmless, it isn’t just illegal, it can be deadly. Trains are incredibly quiet and it can be difficult to hear or see one coming, especially in a snowstorm.
Don’t be a statistic—stay off railway tracks
In December, six Canadians lost their lives trespassing on railway tracks or property and another two were seriously injured. Each of these tragedies could have been prevented. So, if your next outing takes you near tracks, please follow these simple rules to stay safe:
  • Never use tracks as a shortcut or walking path
  • Only cross tracks at designated railway crossings
  • Always stop, look, and listen in both directions before crossing railway tracks
  • Keep one ear out when wearing headphones near tracks so you can hear trains
  • Keep off cell phones when around tracks and trains
  • Never assume a rail line is abandoned

For more tips on how to stay rail-safe check out all the resources on our website. Together we can #STOPTrackTragedies.