Summer Edition of Interchange

The articles in the summer edition of Interchange reveal an increasingly versatile industry that is ready to play an even larger role in the transportation of goods and people in Canada.

Featuring an article on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Operation Lifesaver in Canada, the cover story highlights a safety initiative that continues to make Canadian railways the safest in North America.

Commuter rail has rolled into the spotlight in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, and VIA Rail is attracting more customers by adding wireless Internet to its VIA 1 cars.

A member profile on CANDO talks about a company that started pulling up rails in the late 1970s, to a company that now operates four railways.

Railway Association of Canada president and CEO Cliff Mackay addresses Interchange readers for the first time, and the summer edition also looks at the challenges railways face to find new workers in the coming years.

Walls have come alive in a proximity feature on sound barriers, and we learn reflectors are playing an even bigger role in railway safety.

All of this and more in the exiting summer edition of Interchange available now. To view an online version of the PDF document (9 MB), please Click Here.