OLEV Mobile Classroom For Sale

Ottawa -- Operation Lifesaver’s mobile classroom will go on sale this weekend after logging 150,000 kilometres since 2004, visiting 250 communities and interacting with 800,000 Canadians. The classroom carried a wireless high-speed Internet, DVD and CD players, a laptop train simulator, train bell and a projector for use at outside events to help it deliver a highway/ railway safety message to the public. That equipment has been removed. Funds from the sale will go back into the OL program. Dan Di Tota, national director, of Operation Lifesaver, said OLEV or Operation Lifesaver’s Educational Vehicle, has been a big hit since it first rolled out of the manufacturer’s shop in Winkler, Manitoba. It has been a mainstay at functions across Canada, ranging from Grey Cup events, the CP Holiday Train cross-Canada food bank tour and community Operation Lifesaver is a joint partnership of Transport Canada and the Railway Association of Canada to reduce crossing collisions and trespass incidents that involves communities, government and industry. The recreational vehicle will shed its distinctive decals and creative, reflective material before going to market. Contact Information: Dan Di Tota Operation Lifesaver 613-564-8094 Roger Cameron Railway Association of Canada 613-564-8097