Act unsafe around the tracks and you're breaking the law

At Operation Lifesaver we focus on promoting rail safety through the Three Es: education, engineering and enforcement. Today's post focuses on enforcement. Our partners at various provincial and municipal law enforcement agencies work to deal with motorists and pedestrians who disregard rail safety laws and jeopardize their lives as well as the lives of others.

Bottom line: If you make the decision to ignore warning signals, drive around the gates at a level crossing or to trespass on railway property, you're breaking the law and you're risking your life. 

Listen to the following clips featuring Inspector Bill Law of the CP Police, for a reminder of the railway safety offences officers target:

[audio src="/Website/media/Imported-Blog/2011/11/01_Law.mp3"]

[audio src="/Website/media/Imported-Blog/2011/11/03_Law.mp3"]

Please make train safety a priority. Whether it's serious legal consequences or the very real possibility of injury or death, there's no winning when you choose to be unsafe around trains.