Train safety tips for motorcyclists

Summer is upon us! The warmer weather means motorcycle enthusiasts are out enjoying the open road. In fact, these summer months are so coveted by motorcyclists that July is recognized as Women’s Motorcycle Month.

Whether you’re a male or female motorcyclist, it’s important to ride safely and that includes knowing how to keep yourself alive around railway tracks. Follow these train safety tips and live to ride another day:

Train safety tips for motorcyclists 

  • Railway tracks are extremely slippery.
  • For your own safety, be particularly aware of ADVANCE WARNING signs – these signs will let you know the approximate angle at which the tracks meet the road.
  • The safest way to cross the tracks is at as close to a 90-degree angle as possible. The minimum angle you should cross at is 45 degrees.
  • Stay in your own lane and be aware that the traffic behind you may not have to slow down as much as you do.
  • Be aware of a possible bump and avoid turning or braking while on the tracks.
  • Approach the tracks at a speed that will allow you to stop safely if necessary.

For additional tips for driving safely around railway tracks, check out Operation Lifesaver’s Public Rail Safety Guide.

Here's to hitting the open road safely this summer!