10 things NOT to do by the tracks this summer

Top ten lists for summer abound, covering everything from what to do to where to go. Almost all of them are designed to help you get the most fun out of our short summer. We want to tell you what not to do and where not to go to make sure you’re around to enjoy it.

1. Don’t walk on the tracks. If you don’t hear the train coming—and there’s a good chance you won’t—it could be the last walk you ever take.

2. Don’t run on the tracks either. You could be running to your death.  
3. Don’t ride your bike on the tracks. If your tire gets caught in the tracks, the best case scenario is your bike will be crushed. Worst case? It will be you.
4. Don’t fish or hunt on railway property. That great catch isn’t worth the risk.
5. Don’t use railway property as a short cut unless you want your life cut short.
6. Don’t use railway property as an ATV trail. An ATV is no match for a train. Neither are you.
7. Don’t take pictures on the tracks. That perfect shot isn’t perfect if someone dies.
8. Don’t dive or swim from railway trestles. It’s both illegal and dangerous. Save your diving for the dock.
9. Don’t listen to music near the tracks. If you’re too focused on your tunes, you might not notice that train speeding toward you.  
10. Don’t let your kids play near the tracks. It’s a game they might not walk away from.

You see the theme here, don’t you? It’s never safe to be on the tracks at any time for any reason. Check out the links above for tips on being rail-safe, learn more about train safety in our FAQs, and Take the Quiz to see how you measure up.

Number one on your list of things to do this summer should be to stay alive. Don’t cut your summer fun short—stay off the tracks.