Play it safe – stay off the tracks this summer

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of summer vacation after a long year at school. But summer fun can turn deadly if kids play on railway tracks.

It can be tempting for kids to use railway property as a place to play, explore or as a shortcut. This summer, make sure your kids stay safe by sharing these fun Operation Lifesaver activities with them. It just might save their lives.

You can also discuss these rail safety tips with the children in your life to be sure they understand not only what they shouldn’t do, but why:

  • NEVER play on or around tracks – it's dangerous, it's against the law and it could get you seriously injured or even killed.
  • NEVER throw things at trains – you could hurt someone
  • NEVER put objects on train tracks – they could fly off and hurt someone—maybe you
  • NEVER walk in front of our behind a stopped train – it could move suddenly
  • NEVER walk between or climb parked railway cars – they could move anytime and you could get hurt or killed
  • NEVER play in open box cars – the doors could shut suddenly and trap you there
  • NEVER use railway tunnels and bridges as shortcuts – a train can come at any time
  • ALWAYS stay away from trains and tracks and off railway property. It’s not safe to play there. Play at the park instead.
  • ALWAYS say “NO” when friends ask you to play near or on railway tracks – tracks are for trains. Tell your friends about the dangers and get them to stay away too.

Here's a video reminder of the very real dangers of climbing between rail cars:


One of the best things you can do to help the children in your care to be rail safe is to model rail safe behaviour yourself—whether you’re walking or driving, stay focused, obey the signals and never, ever trespass on rail property.

You don’t want your summer vacation to end with a trip to the hospital or, worse, the morgue. So this summer, play it safe. Stay off the tracks.