Keep the kids busy (and safe) this summer with these rail safety activities

With the kids out of school on summer break, there’s no better time to incorporate rail safety as part of their activities this summer. Let Operation Lifesaver help you out. Planning a road trip (speaking of which, if a camping trip is on your agenda check out these holiday trailer rail safety tips)? Get the rail safety conversation started with some free and downloadable rail safety resources available with a simple click of the button. Print these off ahead of time, and have them ready in the car for when your kids ask the inevitable question: “Are we there yet?”. Still stumped on how to get the kids excited about rail safety? A great resource we encourage you to explore with your kids is This is a fun and interactive rail safety website designed specifically for kids.

Make a rail safety pit stop part of the trip

Did you know? There are over 15 railroad museums across Canada alone! When you’re out cruising the highways this summer en route to your summer vacation destinations, pull over and take some time to check out the railroad museum in your area. It’s a great opportunity to educate your kids, young and old, about the rich railway history of Canada. In addition to the railroad museums, Thomas the Train’s “Day Out With Thomas” is making some scheduled stops in Manitoba and Ontario in July and August. What a great way to get the young kids excited about trains and kick-start learning about rail safety! [caption id="attachment_8662" align="alignright" width="291"]Sparky the Fire Dog joins Railway Safety at Thomas the Train Event in Saint John, NB, August, 2013. Sparky the Fire Dog joins Railway Safety at Thomas the Train Event in Saint John, NB, August, 2013.[/caption] Round off the end of an exciting summer day and encourage your kids to get creative by looking into some interactive train crafts. There are so many, suitable for a variety of ages that will keep your kids engaged around the kitchen table and away from the TV. This summer, the possibilities are endless to get the rail safety conversation started. Now more than ever it’s easy to explore the many facets that support the life-saving lesson of rail safety, starting with Operation Lifesaver. Have an action-packed and rail safe summer! Look! Listen! Live!