Remember: Train bridges and property are not the place for summer fun

Summer is an action-packed season where many of us participate in activities like fishing, hiking, biking and more. The key to keeping these activities fun and safe is to do them in the right place – and that’s never near train tracks. The price paid for making trespassing part of your summer plans can be high. Look no further than the man who tragically lost his life while fishing from a train bridge. This could have been so easily prevented, by recognizing that railway property is private and it’s illegal to trespass!

Rethink your favourite summer pastimes

If you’re a parent or grandparent, the lazy days of summer could have you reminiscing about summers past, when you may have taken part in warm weather pastimes like placing pennies on the train tracks, or fishing from train bridges.  Please rethink sharing these memories with the youngsters in your care and instead share the following rail safety tips.
  • Regardless of whether a sign is present or not, never trespass on railway property.
  • Never make a railway bridge your fishing hole. If a train comes, there won’t be room for both you and the train and you’ll be trapped.
  • Never place objects on the tracks. It is not only illegal but also dangerous. Trains can derail, causing death and serious injury.
  • Never throw objects at trains. You may injure the passengers or crew on board. There is also the danger that objects thrown at a train will bounce off and come flying back, injuring anyone else nearby.
  • Remember to stay off, stay away, and stay alive!
Instead, teach your children how to be safe around the tracks and drive home the importance of rail safety.
  • Operation Lifesaver has a fun and interactive website specifically tailored for children. Check out for more free information to help get the rail safety train started in your household.
And for one final reminder of the real dangers of trespassing on train bridges, check out this video: [youtube][/youtube] Make sure you make the time to stay rail safe this summer: ALWAYS Look! Listen! Live!