A concerning trend: Trespassing incidents and fatalities up in June 2017

June’s railway statistic are in, and the numbers aren’t going in the right direction. Although the number of deaths and injuries stemming from incidents of trespassing on railway property dropped by more than half in May 2017 (compared with the previous May), June’s numbers aren’t looking as good. Both trespasser incidents and fatalities were up in June 2017, compared to 2016. They are also well above the 5-year average for the month of June. “It is extremely concerning when we see the numbers of deaths and trespassing incidents going up, instead of down. Even one life lost is one too many,” says Sarah Mayes, Operation Lifesaver Canada’s National Director. “People often assume they’ll be able to hear a train coming, or that a train can stop to avoid hitting them. But that’s usually not the case. And too often, Canadians are paying the price for those assumptions.” So, let’s make 2017 a summer to remember—for the right reasons. Keep off of train tracks and railway property. And heed Operation Lifesaver’s motto: “Look. Listen. Live”.