Crossing incidents triple in June 2019

June was a deadly month at railway crossings across the country. Six Canadians lost their lives in crossings incidents. That’s triple the number of fatalities compared to June 2018.
You can help Operation Lifesaver prevent these deaths. Follow these rail safety rules to ensure you don’t become a statistic:
  • Never drive around lowered gates—it’s illegal and could be deadly.
  • Never race a train to a crossing. Even in a tie, you lose.
  • Only proceed through a railway crossing if you’re sure your vehicle can completely clear the tracks without stopping.
  • When there is more than one track at a crossing, look both ways for approaching trains before proceeding. Trains can come at any time, on any track and from both directions!
  • Don’t be fooled by the optical illusion. The train you see is closer and moving faster than you think.
Share these tips with your family and friends. And visit our website to find other helpful resources. Together, we can save lives.