Railway trespassing incidents down slightly in June

Fewer Canadians were killed in trespassing incidents in June compared to the year before. Four people lost their lives trespassing on railway tracks or property last month, down from five people in August 2021.
Although this is a move in the right direction, Operation Lifesaver’s goal is to get this number down to zero—because every railway crossing and trespassing-related death is preventable. Through campaigns like #STOPTrackTragedies, we work to educate Canadians of all ages about the risks around railway crossings, tracks and trains. But if we’re going to reach our goal, we need your help.
Whether you’re riding a bike, or out walking, running or hiking, it’s critical that you don’t use tracks as a shortcut or path, and always obey all railway warning signs and signals. They’re there for a reason—to save lives!
If we work together, we can #STOPTrackTragedies. To learn more lifesaving tips, check out all the rail safety resources on our website.