Recognizing Excellence In Safety Promotion

OTTAWA - Operation Lifesaver and Direction 2006 have been honoured with an Award of Excellence for the production of the interactive CD, “Look, Listen and Learn.”

One of three winners in the category for safety promotion, “Look, Listen and Learn” was chosen by the National Transportation Safety Week committee in Ontario. The creativity that went into the design made it a winner, and because it is such an effective tool for promoting rail safety, says Steve Anderson, committee chair.

“Everybody that had a look at the CD said it was very well developed, easy to follow, and very informative,” Anderson said. By testing the CD all over the country, “they [D2006 and OL] were really doing a good job at getting the message out. If you look at the material they provide…it obviously is something that people need to be aware of.”

The CD is designed to cater to any age group. Designers used age-specified interactive guides, quizzes, graphics and videos to convey the reality of the dangers of highway/railway crossings and the important role education plays in preserving public safety around railways.

The production of the CD was “a true collaboration on the part of all partners and stakeholders of D2006,” says Dan Di Tota, Director of OL. “Everyone contributed to the content,” Di Tota says.

D2006 is part of a broad effort to reduce trespassing incidents and crossing collisions by 2006. As partners D2006 and OL are a winning combination, working towards a common goal of saving lives along Canada’s railways.

OL conducts rail safety presentations all over the country. This CD will help them get their message out to more remote areas. “This is a tool we can use in areas of the country where we might not have any certified presenters available,” DiTota says.

OL is now using the award-winning CD in interactive kiosks. The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa and Central Station in Montreal are now equipped with kiosks that allow users to explore the CD-ROM, or surf the D2006 and OL websites.

So far these kiosks have been a great success and are experiencing high user volumes. OL hopes to establish six more at various sites across Canada, and gain exposure for “Look, Listen and Learn.”

Steve Harvey of GO Transit nominated the CD for an award, one of at least 40 other nominations this year. Harvey says he’s impressed with the success of the CD, and the award is a tangible result of that success.

Next year Harvey plans to nominate other D2006 and OL initiatives to the National committee. “For member companies of D2006 this demonstrates that their participation has a benefit,” Harvey said, “to be recognized is gratifying for everyone who contributed.”

Contact Information:

Erin Spicer
Railway Association of Canada
(613) 564-8102