ILCAD reminds the world to act safely at level crossings

Tomorrow, June 7, 2012, marks the fourth annual International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD). This international public rail safety awareness program is initiated by numerous agencies in the European Union. The program is jointly organized by the rail and road sectors in more than 40 countries worldwide. Operation Lifesaver Canada is proud to support and promote this important train safety event.

Act safely at level crossings every day

This year, ILCAD’s official motto is “Act Safely at Level Crossings” and is available in more 20 languages. In addition, each year ILCAD produces a video to promote level crossing safety and awareness. This year’s video focuses on educating children on what it takes to be safe at railway crossings, emphasizing that the only train it’s safe to play around is a fake one. View two English versions of the video below:



What do you do to act safely at level crossings? 

Please join us in showing support for this important rail safety event. Train safety education is everyone’s responsibility. Be a lifesaver and take the time to educate the people in your life on how to act safely at level crossings.