Top 5 train safety tips to keep you alive this summer

Summer doesn’t last very long in Canada so it’s a good idea to get outside to enjoy the warm weather while you can. But no matter what you’re up to, rail safety should be top of mind. One mistake around railway property could bring an end to your summer fun - and even your life! Remember and follow these 5 train safety tips, and you'll live to see the fall:

1. Don't run (or bike, or stroll) the risk - it's just not worth it!

Railway tracks may seem like a great place to jog, cycle, walk the dog or take a stroll - but they're not. Doing any of these activities near railway tracks is considered trespassing. It's illegal and you could face a hefty fine if you're caught. Beyond this legal threat, it's also extremely dangerous. There's a real possibility that you could be hit by a train, ending up seriously injured or even dead. Remember, any time is train time. 

2. Railway bridges are for trains only! 

It can be tempting to play or fish off railway bridges. Again, this is trespassing and it's extremely dangerous. If a train approaches and you're on a railway bridge you will be trapped. With nowhere to go, you will likely be killed. 

3. The only safe place to cross is at a designated level crossing.

When it comes to railway tracks, shortcuts can be deadly. Always cross the tracks at a designated crossing. Obey all signs and signals at the crossing. Never go under the crossing arms. Look both ways before you cross and be aware that there may be a second train. For more tips on behaving safely at highway-railway crossings, check out our resources

4. Headphones and railway tracks are a deadly mix!

If you're anywhere near railway tracks, including at a level crossing, remove your headphones. Many people have been killed because they were listening to music and couldn't hear a train approaching. It can be tempting to head out for a walk or a jog in the sun while wearing headphones, but remember tip #1, never do so near or on the tracks. 

5. Look, listen, live!

We try to stress this message as much as possible. Pay close attention anytime you encounter railway property and you'll make it through the summer alive.