Trespassing on the tracks can turn summer fun into a summer funeral

Summer in Canada is fleeting. Those warm, sunny days won’t last long and they entice us to get outside to play and to relax. But be careful where the sun leads you—not everywhere is a good place to play.

You might think those train tracks not far from your house are perfect for riding your bike, walking the dog, going for a run or taking a hike with friends. That railway bridge might seem like the ideal spot to sit in the sun and fish for a while. You might think the cleared allowance on either side of the tracks is a great place to pick up some speed on your ATV. Think again. Trespassing on railway property is always dangerous and always illegal. 

The next time you think about trespassing on railway property, remember these ABCs:

Any time is train time. Just because you don’t see or hear a train doesn’t mean one isn’t coming.

Bridges are one of the most dangerous places to be when a train comes. You can’t outrun a train and with nowhere to escape, you’re likely to be killed.


Complacency is your enemy around train tracks. Just because you’ve safely trespassed on railway property before doesn’t mean that you’ll be safe the next time. Never trespass and always be vigilant around tracks. Trains are quieter and faster than you might think.

This summer, help us spread the word about the dangers of trespassing on railway property. Share the Operation Lifesaver Activity Book with the children in your life, check out the rail safety tips in our Public-Rail Safety Guide (PDF), and watch the rail-safety videos on our YouTube channel.

Don’t let your summer fun turn into a summer funeral. Stay off the tracks and stay alive.