Today's the day—make level crossings the most important stop of the day!

Get on board—Countries across the globe will come together today to support International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD), a day dedicated to spreading level crossing awareness in an effort to change the behaviour of drivers and pedestrians near the tracks. And Operation Lifesaver Canada is proud to be supporting the sixth edition of ILCAD, focused on professional driver rail safety education and awareness. Want to know more? Check out last week’s post on ILCAD 2014, and share it with your family and friends. Remember: Don’t just make today the day you safely stop for level crossings—make it every time you encounter one.  

Look! Listen! Live!

  [caption id="attachment_8590" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Photo credit: ILCAD Photo credit: ILCAD[/caption]