ILCAD 2016: Don't overestimate your abilities near railway tracks!

Today is International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) and this year our valued partner in rail safety awareness has a strong message for seniors and those with limited mobility around the globe:
Do not overestimate your abilities near railway tracks!
Each year, the ILCAD partners choose a different section of the public for their awareness campaign. Since a certain number of countries have noticed an increasing number of collisions at level crossings involving seniors, this year's focus is on senior citizens and people with sensory and mobility restrictions.

Lifesaving reminder: seniors, stay safe at level crossings

The senior audience has proven difficult to reach. Research shows seniors are opinionated and they claim to be experienced enough when asked about safety near level crossings. In response, ILCAD has developed a video that aims to challenge physical abilities of elderly people who tend to overestimate their own physical capacity near railways. Check it out below: So, this year we encourage seniors to carefully evaluate their physical abilities. Because one misstep around train tracks could have fatal consequences. Please share this video with your friends and family. You just might save a life.
Today and always: look, listen, live!