Enjoy the summer weather—but follow the rail safety rules and CrossSAFE!

Summer is short, so Canadians tend to try to make the most of it. But regardless of how you decide to enjoy the warmer weather, Operation Lifesaver and Parachute want to remind you to “#CrossSAFE” and stay clear of trains and tracks.

Last summer, 17 Canadians were seriously injured and 15 lost their lives in railway crossing or trespassing incidents. Almost every one of these incidents could have been prevented by following the rail safety rules.

"Whether you're out walking, biking, skateboarding or riding an ATV this summer, be sure to follow the rail safety rules around trains and tracks," says Sarah Mayes, National Director of Operation Lifesaver. "That means staying well away from railway property, and remembering to #CrossSAFE at designated railway crossings."

#CrossSAFE is a two-year program run by Parachute, the national injury prevention organization, and funded in part by Transport Canada. Launched in collaboration with Operation Lifesaver in 2018, the idea behind the program is to promote safe behaviours around railway tracks and trains.

Getting the rail-safety message out to children

It particular, #CrossSAFE is trying to reach children, teens, and their parents or caregivers. And no other time is getting the rail-safety message out more important than summertime. That’s because summer is when kids have more freedom, increasing their chance of coming into contact with railway tracks. But Parachute’s #CrossSAFE Resources page offers parents and caregivers resources that can help them to teach kids how to stay safe around trains and tracks. For example, their tip sheet for parents and caregivers provides simple tips to help ensure Canadian families are rail safety savvy.

Print these tips, email them to friends and family, or share them on social media with the hashtag #CrossSAFE. Let’s work together to make this summer a safe one for all Canadians.