Find a safe place to walk your dog—stay clear of tracks!

It’s safe to say that dogs are getting plenty of exercise during this pandemic. Taking the dog for a walk has been one way to get out of the house during the lockdown. In fact, everywhere you turn, there’s someone with a dog these days. But whether you’re exploring your local park, or any other greenspace, it’s critical that you find a safe place for you and your dog—and that means staying clear of train tracks.
“I have two dogs, and I know that train tracks are no place to walk them. I would never risk their lives or mine by walking on or alongside tracks,” explains Sarah Mayes, National Director of Operation Lifesaver Canada. “Make sure you keep your furry friend on a leash if your route takes you anywhere near train tracks. And make sure any off-leash fun happens well away from tracks.” ­
Walking near tracks can be deadly

Dogs don’t understand the risks that train tracks can pose. By walking them on or near tracks you’re putting your life and theirs in danger—especially if you’re letting them off-leash.
In March 2009, a 64-year-old man in Toronto was hit and killed by a train while trying to rescue his two dogs. The two unleashed dogs had run onto the tracks just as a freight train was approaching and the man was hit by the train as he tried to save them. One of the dogs died instantly, and the other was so severely injured, it had to be put down.
So, don’t let your next adventure with Fido end in tragedy. Get out and walk your dogs—but keep them safe by staying clear of train tracks.