Kids, enter this international drawing contest and show the world how to be rail safe!

No one is too old or too young to learn about rail safety. And the same goes for sharing rail safety knowledge. 

This month, kids worldwide have a chance to showcase their rail safety knowledge by submitting a drawing to ILCAD’s third international drawing contest for children.

This initiative, from the International Union of Railways (UIC), is part of this year’s International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD), scheduled for May 7, 2013. 

The competition is open to all children in the following age groups: 

  • 4-7
  • 8-12

How to submit an entry

 How winners will be chosen

  • Voting will take place on a dedicated webpage (deadline fixed for April 2, 2013, conditions and web address to be communicated later).
  • The best drawings will be announced in early April 2013 and will be awarded a prize that will be communicated at a later date.

The winning drawings will be uploaded to the ILCAD website in advance of the international campaign date of May 7, 2013. They will be used during the campaign and exhibited at the United Nations in Geneva for the second UN Global Road Safety Week (May 6-12, 2013). 

Let's go Canada! Show the world how you LOOK, LISTEN, LIVE!

The contest deadline is March 22, 2013.