Hey snowmobilers—these rail safety tips could save your life

itting the open trail for a day of adventuring on your snowmobile is always a good time, but if your ride takes you near railway tracks, one wrong move could make it your last. You may think you know what it takes to be safe once you fire up the engine but the danger is all too real—especially when it comes to trains and railway tracks. Don’t believe us? This real-life tragic snowmobile vs. train fatality should serve as proof that your life can change in an instant if you’re not careful. So in order to ensure your next snowmobiling adventure is all-time (and safe), take a look at these rail safety tips below, and hit the trail feeling confident you know what to do when encountering a set of railways tracks.  And if it’s even more rail safety tips you’re after, we’ve got you covered. For more information on how to keep safe next time you take your snowmobile for a spin, check out our snowmobiling rail safety tip sheet (PDF).