Keeping kids entertained this March Break… and beyond

It’s March Break. But for many families across the country, the break could last weeks as schools close due to COVID-19. At the same time, libraries, pools, community centres, and museums in many communities are also shutting their doors. So just how do you keep kids occupied for the week, and maybe even longer?
Why not take this opportunity to make sure the kids in your life know how to stay safe around railway tracks and trains? Kids may not be in school but it doesn’t mean they can’t keep learning—especially when what they’ll learn could save their lives.
“Our goal is to help teach kids the rail-safety rules in a really fun and engaging way,” explains Sarah Mayes, Operation Lifesaver’s National Director. “We want kids to understand what all of the railway warning signs and signals mean, and just how dangerous trespassing on railway tracks and property can be.”
Combining learning with a little fun
For younger children (kindergarten through grade 2), Operation Lifesaver’s newest storybook-style presentation, Train and the Whateveritwas, is a great resource that introduces children to some important rail-safety messages. Through a colourful and engaging animated story, the six-minute video encourages children to stay rail-safe by heeding a simple, but important, message: “Train or Track? Just Keep Back!”
CN’s All Aboard for Safety train, Obie, is another great way to help younger kids learn about rail safety. Obie, and his engineering friend Max, introduce children to a world of fun, while at the same teaching them Obie’s Safety Tips. CN’s interactive website offers storybooks, tips, quizzes, and other games to keep kids occupied.
CP also offers resources for preschoolers all the way to young adults, including games, colouring pages and age-appropriate videos. Operation Lifesaver Inc. in the US, has colouring pages featuring their safety mascots “Sly Fox and Birdie”, which teach children lifesaving tips. And be sure to check out our own website for other resources to help keep the kids busy this March Break—and rail safe all year round.