Operation Lifesaver launches new rail-safety presentation for kids

There are so many things that young children need to learn in order to stay safe. Operation Lifesaver’s latest rail-safety presentation can help teach them the importance of staying clear of railway tracks and trains.
Train and the Whateveritwas was designed specifically for children in kindergarten through grade 2, and was originally produced by Operation Lifesaver, Inc. in the U.S., in 2018. OL Canada has since updated the presentation for Canadian audiences, with Maryse Bétournay, Coordinator of OL Programs, narrating the videos in both English and French.
The storybook-style presentation introduces children to two characters who work together to carry heavy loads over long distances: “Track” and “Train”. After a close call with an object on the tracks, Track and Train express their fears about hitting something—or worse, someone.
Through a colourful and engaging animated story, the six-minute video encourages children to stay rail-safe by heeding a simple, but important, message: “Train or Track? Just Keep Back!”
“Young children need to learn to stay safe around railway tracks and this presentation is a fun and accessible way to help them do that,” explains Sarah Mayes, National Director of Operation Lifesaver. “Ensuring kids understand railway warning signs and signals, and just how dangerous trespassing on railway property and tracks can be, could save their lives.”
Teaching kids the rail safety basics

Parents and teachers can stream both an English and French version of Train and the Whateveritwas directly on YouTube. OL Rail Safety Ambassadors can also download the video directly from OL’s Ambassador Portal.
Remember, rail safety is a shared responsibility. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, caregiver or family member, taking the time to teach young children how to stay safe around tracks and trains is worth it—it could save their lives.