Make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration a safe one

After two years of lockdowns, gathering limits and other COVID-19 restrictions, we’re all looking for a reason to celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day might be the perfect chance to get together with friends and raise a glass, or two—even if you aren’t Irish. But if your celebration includes drinking, don’t get behind the wheel, and stay away from railway tracks.
Drinking and railway tracks can be a dangerous mix—one that can end in tragedy. Elijah Gunner learned this the hard way. In September 2017, the Winnipeg man lost both of his legs in a train-pedestrian collision after a night of drinking. Gunner was on his way to a friend’s house when he decided to take a shortcut across the tracks that run through his city. It was something he had done many times before—but this time, he wasn’t so lucky.
“I was just, like, sitting there. So, I guess I just passed out waiting for my friends to catch up. I guess that’s how I got hit,” he explains. “It was completely my fault due to alcohol and a bad decision. It opened my eyes. I realized the mistakes and consequences that drinking can lead to.”
Don’t make a night out, your last
Alcohol affects balance, coordination and judgment. It can also bring out the risk-taker in you. When trains and tracks are involved, this can have tragic consequences. So, if your St. Patrick’s Day includes a few pints, stay clear of tracks and follow these simple tips to stay safe:
  • Don’t drink and drive. Make sure there is a designated driver to ensure the safety of you and any other passengers. Alternatively, take public transport, or order a taxi/Uber/Lyft.
  • Pace Yourself. Spreading your drinks out over time will limit how impaired you are. Drinking water between alcoholic beverages is a great way to avoid over-drinking.
  • Eat before you drink. Your body will metabolize alcohol more slowly when food is in your stomach. This means less alcohol enters your bloodstream, and you’ll get less intoxicated.
  • Know Your Limits. Drinking alcohol can cause you to take more risks, while simultaneously inhibiting balance, coordination, and judgment. Know how much you can drink and stay within your limits.
  • Keep a charged cell phone on you. Make sure to have a phone with you so you are able to contact someone if you end up in an unsafe situation or if you need a ride home.

Don’t let this St. Patrick’s Day be your last celebration. If you are drinking, stay clear of tracks and trains. Check out our website for other resources to help you stay safe all year round.