Concerning crossing, scary ‘surfing’ and tragic trespassing incidents

The number of railway crossing incidents in Canada in February 2024 was more than double that of the same month last year. Three Canadians were killed at railway crossings and another two were seriously injured. (Last February saw one fatality and no injuries.)
One of these incidents with injuries also resulted in criminal charges. A mother and her 2-year-old child narrowly escaped with their lives when their car was hit by a freight train. The woman allegedly ignored active warning lights and drove through a level crossing in Hamilton, Ontario.
Rail safety is a shared responsibility. And several high-profile incidents of trespassing have made news in recent weeks.
‘March madness’
It is never a good idea—in fact, it’s illegal—to trespass on railway property.
Events like recent so-called ‘train surfing’ videos circulating on social media and a tragic incident that claimed two young lives in the Toronto area in early March are stark reminders to us all to stay away from rail property and keep tracks for trains.

Working together to prevent track tragedies
Operation Lifesaver’s goal is to prevent all incidents on railway tracks—because we know almost every crossing- and trespassing-related death or injury is preventable.
Whether you’re driving a vehicle, riding a bike, walking, or running it’s critical that you use caution when approaching railway crossings and obey all railway warning signs and signals. They’re there for a reason. To save lives.
If we work together, we can #STOPTrackTragedies. To learn more lifesaving tips, check out all the rail safety resources on our website.