Rail Safety Week round up

Last week, May 2 – May 8, was Rail Safety Week. This annual event sees Operation Lifesaver asking parents, youths, teachers, emergency response providers, and motorists to take a moment to learn about the basic rail-safety information that could one day save their life. Over the past week, Operation Lifesaver’s partners and volunteers held over 300 events across the country including: school presentations, mock railway-crossing collisions, safety blitzes at stations, crossing blitzes, rail safety kiosks, public service announcements and traffic enforcement blitzes. Dan Di Tota, National Director for Operation Lifesaver, says that Operation Lifesaver, along with its partners and volunteers, is committed to communicating the railway safety message to Canadians and Rail Safety Week serves as a special way to accomplish that goal. “While rail-safety awareness and enforcement activities occur year-round, this week represents a unique, collective effort to push the issue of safety to the forefront of Canadian’s minds and set the tone for a safer year to come within our communities.” This year’s Rail Safety Week was a great success. The week's events and Operation Lifesaver's railway safety message received a great deal of media attention, helping to spread the message across the country. Here’s a round up of the media coverage that Rail Safety Week received: Newfoundland CBC Podcast – Labrador Morning Nova Scotia Campaign on right track to promote safety New Brunswick Rail Safety week events Rail Safety Week rolls into Metro Quebec CSXT's Spatafore wins Chafee award; Quebec-Gatineau Railway's Lewerenz wins Cyr award Ontario CN Police kick off Rail Safety Week in Durham Region Rail police can give you a ticket GO Transit takes Rail Safety Week seriously Rail Safety Week 2011 aims to reduce fatalities A message that saves lives May 2 – 8: Rail Safety Week Manitoba Manitoba focuses on safe railway crossings Saskatchewan Railway safety is important Rail Safety Week In MJ Alberta Rail safety on the mind Family shares story of boys' death to prevent others Stay off the tracks for Rail Safety Week Any time is train time British Columbia Safety on track CP Rail police patrolling to prevent injuries, deaths CN blitz hits headphone-wearing walker CP Rail police hold enforcement blitz National Rail Safety Week 2011 – Full Steam Ahead Rail Safety Week 2011 – Operation Lifesaver International Operation Lifesaver Canada celebrates 30 years of public-rail safety success Thank you, Canada, for participating in Rail Safety Week 2011. Remember, anytime is train time. Look, listen, live.