And the award goes to: this year's Off the Rails Contest winners!

Without a doubt, Rail Safety Week is one of Operation Lifesaver's most important annual events. The concentrated efforts of our partners and volunteers during this week ensures that our message gets out to Canadians in all parts of the country. But spreading our rail safety message is a priority that we set for the remainder of the year as well. As you've read on this blog, one of our most exciting new initiatives of the past year was the Off the Rails Contest, targeted at youth ages 11 - 14. On April 4, we announced the winners of the contest and now we're excited to announce that the following winning teams are being presented with their awards as part of Rail Safety Week:

English Category 1 (Print – Static)
  • Project  159, The EXACTS ($2,000)
  • Project 130, Blah Blah ($500)
  • Project 166, Kathleen and Lauren ($500)
English Category 2 (Multimedia – Interactive)
  • Project 162, SafetyRox411 ($2,000)
  • Project 146, Get Off and Stay Off ($500)
  • Project 123, P.R.U.N.E.S. ($500)
French Category 1 (Imprimé – Statique)
  • Projet 155, Barcelone! ($2,000)
  • Projet 153, Les violets ($500)
  • Projet 154, Je suis un chat, oui je suis ($500)
French Category 2 (Multimédia – Interactif)
  • Projet 101, Train Franco-Ontarien ($2,000)

The above teams have received their prizes or will shortly in the coming weeks. Congratulations to the winning teams! And thank you to all who voted - you have chosen Canada's best youth rail safety messages! To view the highly creative, entertaining and educational winning entries, visit: Together we can save lives! Look, listen, live!