OL’s Community Safety Partnership Program is Growing

Operation Lifesaver is excited to announce that another city has come aboard our “Look. Listen. Live.” Community Safety Partnership Program. This week, Hamilton became the third city in Canada to launch the program.
The Community Safety Partnership Program is a national initiative that encourages municipalities to install “Look. Listen. Live.” decals on the pavement near select railway crossings. The goal: to prevent tragic railway crossing incidents from occurring in communities across the country. In 2018, there were 167 such incidents in Canada which killed 19 people and seriously injured another 42.
“Collisions at railway crossings are tragically common, and each incident affects the victim’s family and friends, but also railway employees, first responders and broader communities,” says Sarah Mayes, National Director, Operation Lifesaver. "This program aims to make the public more aware of the hazards around tracks, which will hopefully save lives.”
Working with communities to keep Canadians safe
The “Look.Listen.Live.” Community Safety Partnership Program kicked off last year in Vancouver and London, Ont. with decals installed at the Renfrew Street and Richmond Street crossings, respectively. On May 28th, Hamilton unveiled its first decals in partnership with CP Rail, as a way to prevent tragedies in the city.
“Rail safety is a shared responsibility,” says Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger. “Our hope is that when people see these decals, it will remind them to pay closer attention to their surroundings, look in both directions, listen for approaching trains, and cross tracks only at designated crossings when safe to do so.”
The Community Safety Partnership Program is one of the many ways Operation Lifesaver is working with communities and railways to reduce preventable rail incidents.
“Tragically, every year more than 100 Canadians are seriously injured or killed as the result of railway crossing or trespassing incidents,” says CP Police Service Deputy Chief Al Sauve. "Rail safety requires 24/7 vigilance. We ask everyone to think about their own safety around railway property. Incidents can happen in a split-second and can have tragic and far-reaching consequences.”
Through education and enforcement, we are working together to make Canadians safer around railway property—and saving lives in the process.
To find out more about the Community Safety Partnership Program check out OL’s website.