Working Together to Make Canada’s Roads Safe

Driving is part of most of our lives. Many of us depend on our cars to get from point A to point B. But each time we get into a car, whether as a driver or a passenger, we take a risk.

In 2017, 1,841 Canadians died in motor vehicle collisions and another 9,960 were seriously injured. But in most cases, these incidents were preventable. That is why from May 14th to 20th, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) is asking drivers to think about safety when they get behind the wheel.

Marking Canada Road Safety Week

This Canada Road Safety Week the CACP wants Canadians to avoid behaviours that put drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other people who use our roads, at risk, such as driving while alcohol or drug-impaired or distracted. 

“This campaign is about asking drivers to make the right decisions and to hold those who don’t to account,” says Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox, Co-chair of the CACP Traffic Safety Committee. “This year’s theme highlights the pivotal role Canadians play in terms of achieving road safety. We want them to become the driving force behind positive driving behaviours not the driving force behind collisions on our roads.”

Keeping our roads safe is a shared responsibility

The annual awareness campaign is designed to increase public compliance with safe driving measures in order to save lives—because whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned one, keeping yourself safe is all about staying alert and knowing the rules.

To help ensure drivers know the rail safety rules, Operation Lifesaver (OL) launched a new interactive program earlier this year called Train to Drive.  The program features virtual-reality videos that test whether drivers know how to safely approach railway crossings and respond in life-or-death situations involving a train . You can experience Train to Drive for yourself by visiting And check out OL’s website for other resources for drivers.

Safety is a shared responsibility. Let’s work together to make sure Canada’s roads are safe.