This Safe Kids Week, get your kids to play outdoors

Your mom was right: kids need to get outside and play! Physical activity is important for children’s healthy development. But many Canadian children and youth are struggling to meet healthy movement guidelines during the pandemic as they spend their school day sitting in front of computer screens.

That’s why Parachute, Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention, is encouraging children to take part in active and unstructured outside play, every day. As part of this year’s Safe Kids Week (May 31 to June 5) Parachute aims to provide parents with simple, clear tips to support their kids to #PlaySafeOutdoors.

Children need to learn how to play outdoors safely

Operation Lifesaver is all for getting kids to play outside. But they need to know how to do it safely, especially if they live near railway tracks. Children can’t always focus on one thing at a time, and they aren't as good at sensing or predicting danger as adults are. To ensure they stay safe, kids need to be taught these important rail safety rules:

  • Never play on or near railway tracks or trains
  • Cross tracks only at designated railway crossings
  • Always stop, look in both directions, and listen for trains before crossing tracks at railway crossings
  • Never throw things at trains or place things on railway tracks
  • Stay off your phone and avoid distractions when around tracks and trains
  • Obey all railway signs and signals
  • Never use tracks as a shortcut

So as the summer weather arrives, encourage your child to engage in unstructured, outdoor play. But be sure you take the time to teach them how to play safely. For information, visit