Railway crossing and trespassing fatalities quadruple in April

April was a tragic month on Canada’s railway tracks. Six Canadians were killed while trespassing and another two lost their lives at railway crossings. That’s more than four times as many incidents as occurred in April the year before.
As the warmer weather arrives, we know people are out and about more. But please make sure to follow these simple rules to stay safe:
  • Stay off railway tracks, trestles, yards, and equipment. You could be seriously injured or killed by trespassing on railway property.
  • Only use designated railway crossings. Never take a shortcut across tracks—saving time isn’t worth your life. 
  • Never cross the tracks immediately after a train passes. Look for other oncoming trains before crossing. Trains can come from either direction and on any track. Wait until you can see clearly in both directions before crossing.
  • Keep your distance. Trains overhang tracks by at least 1 metre on each side and can carry loads that extend even further. If you're next to the tracks, you can be hit.
  • Keep one ear out near railway crossings. If you’re wearing headphones on both ears, you won’t hear a train coming.
  • Never assume a rail line is abandoned. Often, tracks can be deactivated and reactivated, so a train could appear on once-quiet tracks at any time.
Help us #STOPTrackTragedies. Share these tips and OL’s other rail-safety resources with the people you love—it could save a life.