Being killed by a train is a dumb way to die

We came across this rail safety video produced by Melbourne Metro Trains in Australia last week and immediately shared it on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It has since gone on to become an Internet sensation. 

The video depicts cartoon characters dying in "dumb" ways. At the end of the video, three of them die in the "dumbest way possible" - they're killed by trains:

  • One as a result of being distracted by the tracks
  • Another by driving around the barriers at a level crossing
  • And the third by trespassing on the tracks

With its colourful cartoon characters and catchy tune, we wanted to share this rail safety video with you one more time. Share it with your friends and family. Remind them that there's no reason to be killed by a train. Stay off the tracks and act safe at level crossings. Always. 


Look, listen, live.