Don't let winter fun put you in a grave. Stay off the tracks!

In last week's post we offered you some lifesaving rail-safe winter driving tips. This week: a visual reminder that no matter what you're doing this winter, never go near the tracks. 

Railway tracks can seem like a great place to cross-country ski or snowmobile, but doing so would be a deadly, and illegal, mistake. Loud snowmobile engines, toques and headphones can impair your ability to hear a train's whistle. It's also possible you could find yourself stuck on the tracks, or clipped by the side of a train as it goes by. Bottom line: winter fun can turn into a tragic death in an instant if you choose to go by the tracks. 

To learn more about staying safe while you're out on your snowmobile this winter, check out our Rail Safety Tips for Snowmobile Operators.