Off the Rails winners “Train Franco-Ontarien” make rail safety a part of everyday life

The 2013-14 Off the Rails contest, which launched on October 1, is an exciting opportunity that encourages students from across Canada to submit creative and savvy rail safety messages, in the form of print, video or a comic strip, to drive home the message to their peers:

Stay Off, Stay Away, Stay Alive!

The 2012 Off the Rails contest winners , for the French multimedia category, featured the savvy team “Train Franco-Ontarien”. 

The team consists of Meagan Mcgaughey, Taylor McGaughey and Melisa Kingsley, Grade 8 students from Felix-Ricard, in Sudbury, Ontario. They entered an engaging and thought-provoking video where they used well-thought-out props such as helmets and life jackets, as well as an interactive storyboard, to help drive the following rail safety message home:

Pay attention to rail safety like we do when we practice everyday activities. 

We got a chance to sit down with the girls to find out their motivation behind their video simply titled: Rail Safety.

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How did you find out about the Off the Rails Contest?

At school, Mrs. Julie Brunet, our art/geography teacher, showed us the poster.

What inspired your entry? What did you want it to say?

The prizes and we were also encouraged to share a rail safety message. We wanted to be able to teach others and teach rail safety. 

Why are you interested in rail safety?

We were interested because it is important to protect kids and adults from railroads. We want people to be safer, and to be careful around train tracks.

What rail safety message do you hope your peers will take away from your entry?

Be cautious of their surroundings when near trains and not to go close to railroad tracks.

How does it feel to have won?

Good, because our message was understood and we were so excited to win the grand prize of $2,000. We were also excited to tell Mrs. Julie. It was awesome and felt good because we did a good project and we worked hard on it.


This year’s Off the Rails Contest will again feature a collection of rail safety messages that come from the creative minds of Canada’s youth.

Let’s keep the momentum going, friends! The clock is ticking and there is only one month left to get your submissions in! Please, share this story with your children, students and friends and encourage them to enter the contest. They’ll not only be helping us spread our lifesaving rail safety message – they’ll also be vying to win over $11,000 in prizes. Don’t miss out! Visit for all the details and to enter.