If you think you can play on the tracks—think again!

At Operation Lifesaver we can’t say this rail safety message enough: Tracks are for trains only! Never play or take shortcuts across the tracks. This is the subject of one of last year’s Off the Rails Contest winning entries. In this emotionally charged, musical rail safety video, the Jamille team, from Saskatoon, SK, made the theme of their video clear: don’t play on or near the tracks. The Jamille team - Project #279: Third-place winners in French multimedia category Since this video is in French, we’ve written this brief synopsis for our English viewers: The Jamille team created well-thought-out and creative music video titled: “Be Careful,” which showcased a series of strong and impactful images of two friends, and the worst case scenario of what will happen if you play near the tracks.
  • “We were playing on the railway tracks.”
  • “When you got hit, I was surprised and upset. I shouldn’t have let you play on the railway tracks.”
  • “I can’t believe you’re gone, it’s such a tragedy.”
  • “We should have thought about it beforehand, what will I do now?”
  • Be careful around railway tracks…
Please remember to ALWAYS: Look, Listen, Live! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiJZGxagsuc#t=14[/youtube]