Mock collisions see Nova Scotia students “killed” by trains

Imagine the scene after a train collides with a car or an ATV. In a word: horrifying. Well, on October 30, 2014, that’s exactly what students and teachers from Breton Education Centre in New Waterford, NS, witnessed. The school, which is near a highway-railway crossing, was the setting of two mock collisions organized by Operation Lifesaver and partner Sydney Coal Railway. Students from the school were recruited to participate as victims – a hands-on way to show them and their peers the reality they will face if they choose to ignore rail safety.

ATV vs. train

We’ve seen it again and again—an ATV using the tracks illegally gets caught up and can’t get off in time for an oncoming train. This was the first scenario set up for the students. The scene:
  • Tarps were laid, an ATV rolled on its side, and a train approaches and stops at the crossing, acting as a curtain for the students who wait in anticipation near by.
  • Actors get into position, fake blood is splattered all over them, and the train is moved to reveal the horrific scene.
  • The echo of the sirens ring out as EHS, firefighters and Cape Breton Police arrive on scene. The paramedics treat the students exactly as they would in a real-life situation.

Car vs. train

Another unfortunate and all-to-regular occurrence is the car versus train collision scenario. This was the setting for the second mock-up and featured several high school students. The scene:
  • Three students involved. One laying on the ground in front of the vehicle and who was thrown out of the windshield.
  • Two students remained in the vehicle as the Jaws of Life were used to extract them.
Overall, the students were shocked. They reality of rail safety sunk in as the students checked out the scene themselves, and later watched one of Operation Lifesaver’s popular videos “David’s Run”. [youtube][/youtube] As always, we want encourage you to share with your family and friends and to reference Operation Lifesaver as your go-to source for all things rail safety. Together we can educate about the importance and lifesaving lesson of rail safety. Remember: Look! Listen! Live! For an inside look at the day’s events check out this photo album: [raw] [/raw]