5 tips for surviving the roads this holiday season

Canada Safety Council’s National Safe Driving Week kicks off tomorrow – a timely reminder as we head into the busy holiday season. With roads crowded with frenzied shoppers, and parties on heavy rotation from now until the New Year, let’s take a moment to drive home some safe driving tips as they pertain to rail safety, winter and ensuring you make it home for the holidays—safely.
  1. According to the CAA, cellphones are the leading cause of distracted driving accidents. So what’s the rail safety driving tip here? Simple: Put away your phone. Be alert and pay attention when approaching level crossings.
  2. Icy winter roads can be a driver’s nemesis. In fact, driving during the winter can be dangerous, if you’re not paying attention. So here it is: Always drive at a speed that allows you to stop within the distance of your headlights – so you have a clear view of the road ahead of you. This is especially important when road conditions are slippery and when driving at night.
  3. Never drive around the gates at a level crossing. If the gate is down, or in the process of being raised or lowered, do not cross the tracks.
  4. We always have to wonder just why anyone would even attempt this but they do, so here it is: Never race a train to the crossing because even in a tie, you lose!
  5. Canada’s impaired driving stats are alarming. Don’t become a statistic. When you’re out and about this holiday season, celebrating the season with festive drinks, DON’T get behind the wheel and possibly make a mistake you could never take back. Do your part to ensure you and road users around you all make it home safely for the holidays. Call a cab—enough said.
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