Doubling down on commuter safety in Montreal

Montreal’s transit service, exo, is putting safety in the spotlight this fall. From October 23 to November 30, the service is running a safety campaign across its network. The goal is simple: to make passengers more aware of the hazards around trains and buses and reduce the number of incidents in the process.
“Each year during the back-to-school season, we redouble our awareness efforts to ensure everyone is more vigilant near bus or train traffic,” says Sylvain Yelle, exo’s executive director. “Exo is aiming to achieve a zero-accident environment, and that’s why we are running this important campaign.”
Taking the safety message to commuters
Throughout the month, the company will have extra inspectors on hand at train terminals and bus stations to remind passengers of the need to be aware of their surroundings, especially around bus loops and railway crossings. They are also trying to get the message across that using cell phones or wearing headphones around trains, tracks or buses—or rushing to catch a train—is dangerous.
Exo inspectors will be handing out safety brochures to commuters at terminals across its network. They will also be visiting local schools to help get the message out. Other initiatives over the month include:
  • Safety posters in exo terminals and stations and on trains
  • A radio segment on the mobile app Spotify
  • A video showing the results of cell phone distraction
Although commuters will be given only warnings if they are caught breaking the safety rules this month, come December, dangerous behaviour on or around exo trains and buses will result in fines.
So if you are a commuter, heed exo’s safety message. For more information on all of exo’s safety initiatives, visit And be sure to watch Operation Lifesaver’s new virtual reality video to see how unsafe behaviour around commuter trains can lead to tragic consequences.