Trespassing and crossing incidents up in October

Borders are reopening. People are flying again. And life in Canada is much closer to “normal” than it’s been in almost two years. But as we begin to spend less time at home and travel more, Operation Lifesaver wants to remind Canadians that COVID-19 isn’t the only thing that can kill. Trains can be deadly if you don’t follow the rail safety rules.
October’s railway incident statistics clearly show that too many Canadians are taking risks around railway tracks and trains. Last month, three people were killed in crossing incidents and another four lost their lives while trespassing. Eight other Canadians were seriously injured at railway crossings.
These incidents are all preventable. Please take the time to review your knowledge of the rail safety basics. Remember: never use tracks as a shortcut, always obey railway signs and signals, and never try to beat a train through a crossing. Saving a few minutes isn’t worth your life.

Check out all our rail safety resources and share them with the people you care about—because we all have a role to play in spreading the rail safety message.