It's a fact: on any set of tracks, there are many ways to die

Rail safety facts

Fact: Railway tracks are extremely dangerous and can be deadly. 

Fact: Any number of unsafe behaviours can get you killed at level crossings and on railway tracks. Whether you're trespassing on railway property for a shortcut, going for a stroll along the tracks while listening to headphones or choosing to race a train at a level crossing instead of waiting in your car patiently, your behaviour could get you killed. 

 Fact: Every railway related death is preventable. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the signs and devices present at level crossings and around railway property and know their meanings. Remember that trespassing on railway property is not only a quick way to get killed, it's also illegal. For even more lifesaving tips, check out our rail safety resources.

Fact: Every railway related death impacts countless people. Family and friends of those killed by a train are always devastated. And the railway engineers and other railway personnel, along with first responders and witnesses, experience trauma that lasts a lifetime.

Network Rail in Britain has put together a powerful video that illustrates just how strongly railway personnel are impacted by every train related death. Watch and remember it every time you encounter a train. LOOK, LISTEN, LIVE!