Stay alive this Halloween, don't let the train trick you

Earlier this week we posted the image below (courtesy of our counterparts in the U.S.) to our Twitter and Facebook pages, and it's worth posting again today in honour of Halloween. 

Halloween is a day for tricks and treats, but never let the train trick you. Trains travel fast and they can't stop quickly. Consider this:

An average freight train travelling at 100 km/h requires about 2 km to stop. A passenger train travelling at 160 km/h requires about the same distance to stop. That's the equivalent of 18 football fields. Compare that to an automobile travelling at 90 km/h, which requires about 60 metres to stop.

 Try to race a train, and even if you tie, you lose. Today and every day, stay off the tracks and never go around the barriers. 

Have a safe and happy Halloween!