Past Off the Rails Contest Winners Spencer C and Spencer H take home the win for the multimedia category

The 2013-14 Off the Rails contest, which launched on October 1, encourages youth from across Canada to submit savvy rail safety messages, in the form of print, video or a comic strip, to drive home the message to their peers:

Stay Off, Stay Away, Stay Alive! 

The 2012 Off the Rails contest winners, for the English multimedia category, featured the “The two Spencers” a.k.a Spencer Chilwell, 14, from E.C Drury High School, and Spencer Harrison, 13, from W.I. Dick Middle School in Milton, Ontario.

The duo took on the multimedia category by submitting an engaging video that lures you in with the heavy-hitting and straight-to-the-point title: Get Off and Stay Off!


Operation Lifesaver caught up with Spencer Chilwell to talk about the motivation and inspiration for their video, and to share with us how it felt to win!

 How did you find out about the Off the Rails Contest? 

I found out about the contest one day when I just randomly visited the OL website, and I thought that would be lots of fun to do.

What made you decide to enter the contest?  

The fact that I'm good working with video. I love trains and that train safety is very important. 

What inspired your entry? What did you want it to say?  

I wanted it to say that lots of people walk on or by the tracks with earbuds on and can never hear anything else and can get hit by the train.

What rail safety message do you hope your peers will take away from your entry? 

Not to walk on the tracks while listening to loud music and texting.

Why are you interested in rail safety? 

Because trains are part of our transportation system.

How does it feel to have won? 

Great! I’m proud of my video. 

 This year’s Off the Rails contest will garner a variety of rail safety awareness campaigns, all coming from the collective and creative minds of Canada’s youth.  

Please help to spread the Off the Rails Contest word, and share with your children, students and friends. There are over $11,000 in prizes to be won to further spread rail safety awareness. Visit for all the details.