There’s no way around it —railway tracks are for trains only!

Running late—it happens to all of us. Whether you’re trying to get to school, work or meeting up with friends, no one really wants to be late. And when you find yourself running behind, it’s hard to think about anything else. You’ll do almost anything to spare some time – you might even consider taking a shortcut across the tracks. But ask yourself: Do you or don’t you take that shortcut over the tracks? Let us answer that for you, loud and clear—YOU DON’T! Not only could that decision totally destroy life as you know it (a train could take your limbs or your life in an instant) but it could dramatically impact the lives of those around you who would be left to deal with the aftermath of your fatal decision. So the moral of the story? Stick to the path designed just for you: the sidewalk—it might take you a few minutes longer but those minutes could add years to your life.Tracks are for trains only And if you still have a shred of doubt in your mind, let us clear that up for you. Check out these stories about young lives that were lost on the tracks.   Best friend killed by a train