A glimmer of hope in September rail incident statistics

September’s statistics regarding the number of railway crossing and trespassing incidents across the country are out. And they give us hope once again that Canadians are heeding our rail safety message: Look. Listen. Live.
The number of crossing and trespassing fatalities in September 2018 was down compared to the same month the year before. In fact, not one Canadian was killed as a result of a crossing incident in the month of September.

Those are the kinds of statistics we are hoping to see. But we can do even better. Let’s work together to get these numbers down to zero—because even one death is too many.

Remember, railway tracks are not meant for pedestrians. They’re for trains. Whether you’re tempted to walk along train tracks, use tracks as a shortcut, or climb on a train, it’s trespassing—and not only is it illegal, it can be deadly.
Check out the 2018 year-to-date stats and rail incident data from previous years on our website.