Railway Crossing Incidents Quadruple in September

September was not a good month when it comes to railway crossing incidents. Eight Canadians lost their lives at crossings—four times as many as in September 2019—and another two were seriously injured.
Almost every one of these incidents could have been prevented.
Don’t be a railway statistic
Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist, new driver or a seasoned one, staying safe around railway tracks is all about knowing the rules. Railway warning signs and devices are installed along roads and at railway crossings to warn people about oncoming trains and to control traffic. They save lives—so get to know what they mean and obey them at all times.
Check out our website for a signs and devices refresher, or experience our Train To Drive virtual reality video to put your rail safety knowledge to the test! Let’s work together to get these numbers down to zero.
For more rail incident statistics, check out our interactive map.