Trespassing incidents increase in September

Using railway tracks as a shortcut may seem like the perfect way to get where you’re going in a hurry—but it could be a quick way to lose your life. In September, six Canadians were killed trespassing on tracks and another two were seriously injured.
Behind these numbers are real people—and every rail-related incident is a tragedy. Through education and public awareness campaigns like #STOPTrackTragedies we’re working hard to prevent these incidents—because we know that almost every single one could be avoided.  But we need your help.
Don’t be a railway incident statistic
Whether you’re on your way to work or school, or just out for a walk, staying clear of railway tracks is the only safe option. Only cross tracks at designated crossings and obey all railway warning signs and signals—they’re there to save lives.
Check out our resources page for other tips on how to keep safe around railway crossings, tracks and trains. And make sure you and the people you love know the rail safety basics. It could save lives.