Operation Lifesaver to hold Annual Conference

Representatives from government, health and safety groups, and the railway industry will convene in Aylmer, Quebec on Tuesday, September 18, for the nineteenth annual Operation Lifesaver Conference. The agenda for the conference will cover a number of different subjects varying from annual rail statistics, the investigation of railway fatalities, and reducing the incidences of suicide on rail systems. With that, topics will also encompass research initiatives, community based programs, the future vision of public-rail safety initiatives, and grade crossing improvement updates. “The range of topics and issues covered during the day is very reflective of how large our task is, but also of the many positive strides we have taken in addressing crossing collisions and trespass prevention,” said Dan Di Tota, national director of Operation Lifesaver in Canada. “Particularly as the day goes on we will be able to put into perspective our successes and how to continually reduce accidents that can be avoided with the proper education and personal caution.” Operation Lifesaver is a national public-education program sponsored by the Railway Association of Canada and Transport Canada, with the goal to reduce the needless loss of life, injuries and damages caused by highway/railway crossing collisions and train/pedestrian accidents. The program is run in cooperation with other national and provincial safety organizations, police and public service groups. They disseminate information and educational material, and draw on some 400 volunteer presenters to bring the message of extreme caution at crossings to schools, driver education courses, the media and the general public. Cliff Mackay, the president and CEO of the Railway Association of Canada, will be welcoming attendees to the conference, which will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Château Cartier. The conference will continue throughout the day and end at 4:15 p.m. Contact Information: Roger Cameron Director, Public Affairs Railway Association of Canada 613-564-8097