Shiver me rail safety

Arrrrgggghhhh tomorrow is the official Talk Like a Pirate Day—which is a perfect excuse to talk like your best Captain Blackbeard and inundate your kids with rail safety messages.

Ahoy matey! Let’s play a game of rail safety trivia

Get the ball rolling with your kids and keeping with the theme of talking like a pirate, reference the Operation Lifesaver Train Safety FAQ to get their motors running and their competitive spirits to kick in. Start it with a teaser like the one listed here. But remember—stay in pirate character! And for those of you who might not be too pirate lingo savvy, you can cheat by using the user-friendly pirate translator.

·        Are train tracks public property?

      No! Railway tracks, trestles, yards and equipment be private booty. Walkin' or playin' on them be illegal. Trespassers be subject t' arrest and fines. Too often t' penalty be death.

Instill the ALWAYS Rail Safety Rules

Keep the dialogue going and share with your kids what they should ALWAYS do around trains and railway property and again—stay in pirate character. Your kids will happy you stayed in character,  and chances are higher that these rules will resonate longer.

  • ALWAYS use designated level crossin's t' cross train tracks.
  • ALWAYS obey t' signs and signals near railway crossin's – flashin' lights and bells mean t' train be comin' so be safe and stay away.      
  • ALWAYS stop, look and listen before you cross just t' make aye it be safe.
  • ALWAYS stay away from t' edge o' t' platform while waitin' for t' train at t' station. Stay behind t' platform safety line.
  • ALWAYS stay away from trains and tracks and off railway booty.
  • ALWAYS say “NO” t' trespassin' on tracks or railway booty. 
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Since kids are more receptive to learning when it’s fun, partnering something light-hearted like Talk Like a Pirate Day with the and Operation Lifesaver websites is a great way to educate your children about rail safety. As parents, siblings, uncles, aunts or grandparents, we must all do our part to ensure kids LOOK, LISTEN and LIVE, and understand the importance of rail safety in their everyday lives.

To end Talk Like a Pirate Day off on the right rail safety note, drive it home with your kids with one final rail safety/pirate tip:

Argh me matey, when it comes t' train tracks—STAY OFF! STAY AWAY! STAY ALIVE!

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