Back to school means back to rail safety basics

You’ve been preparing your kids for back to school, scratching off all the items they’ll need for this upcoming school year, but have you had a chance to scratch off   “rail safety refresher”? If you answered no, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Our free rail safety resources, which are suitable for all ages, will have you scratching that item off your list in no time.

Make time to have the rail safety conversation with your family

[caption id="attachment_6838" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Credit: ILCAD Credit: ILCAD[/caption] There’s no better time or place to discuss some rail safety basics than at the dinner table after your family members recount the highlights of the day. To help get you started, we’ve nailed down five super-quick rail safety tips:
  1. Stop no closer than five metres from the nearest rail of the railway track, look both ways and listen for an approaching train.
  2. Look both ways along the railway track for an oncoming train.
  3. Listen for approaching trains. If a train is approaching, wait for the train to pass.
  4. The only place you should ever cross railway tracks is at an authorized and properly marked crossing.
  5. Do not trespass! Railway tracks and bridges are private property and any unauthorized person who is on railway property which is not designated as a crossing, is committing an offence under the law—you can be subject to a warning, fine or worse. You can pay with your life.
By having a conversation with your kids, and using our parent and caregiver rail safety resources, you can feel confident sending your kids out the door this school year knowing you did your part to keep them rail safe. Remember: rail safety doesn’t only apply to kids but adults as well. You’re never too old to ensure you’re up to speed on all things rail safety. Operation Lifesaver urges you to learn lifelong, lifesaving habits around highway-railway crossings, and to stay away from railway rights-of-way and off of railway property.

Stop, Look, Listen and Live!